The Third-Party Container Pickup and Processing Program, custom-designed for wholesalers.

The program runs smoothly, efficiently, and with a high degree of accountability and accurate record-keeping. Because the program was designed by a collaboration of beverage wholesalers and distributors, and recycling industry professionals, it offers you exactly what you need to manage the scrap generated by your products.

Operations are managed by UBCR, with nearly 30 years experience, under contract with MSDA Service Corporation and the MBWWA Service Corporation.

If you have questions or would like to discuss how the Third-Party Pickup and Processing could benefit your business, please contact one of the following representatives:

Derek Bajema at MSDA Service Corporation: (517) 371-4499 Spencer Nevins at MBWWA Service Corporation: (800) 456-2992

If you are ready to participate, please request and sign a “Participation Agreement” from MSDA Service Corporation or MBWWA Service Corporation, available through the representatives listed above.


  • The program assures timely pickups at qualifying retailer establishments.
  • The program offers the most accurate accounting and pickup reports available in the reverse vending machine environment.
  • You retain ownership control over the scrap generated by your brands, ensuring you will be able to take advantage of the very best prices obtainable on your scrap.