Driving the Successful Michigan Deposit System

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There are many benefits of the Third-party Pickup Program to retailers:


• Simplify the storage of used beverage containers in your retail back room by using large-volume, stackable gaylord bins, provided FREE by UBCR.


• Create a safer work environment by eliminating glass sorting.


• Regularly scheduled pickup of full gaylords by UBCR trucks means that stores need only devote a minimum of back room space for UBC storage.


The program was designed by a collaboration of retailers, wholesalers and recycling processors in the 1980s to improve efficiency of pickup, material processing and accounting. Today, almost 30 years later, the program is working successfully for more than 600 Michigan retailers.


To qualify for the Third-Party pickup program, retail stores must:


1. Have RVM redemption technology capable of providing UPC detail on all containers serviced by the program for downloading into the UBCR accounting and information system.


2. Redeem over 750,000 containers annually.


3. Be located within 200 miles of the UBCR Wixom or Grand Rapids processing facilities.


4. Have secure inside storage space capable of storing a minimum of 20 Gaylord bins.


5. Provide a dock or receiving door access during scheduled pickup times.


6. Provide a dedicated data line (or make arrangements for weekly electronic transfer of necessary data) to the accounting system.


7. Have signed acceptance of these guidelines.


For more information, contact Nick Kronsbein, General Manager at

248-529-2600 or send Nick an email. Thank you.


Cleaner. Safer. Simpler.

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